Update nieuwe bieren Juli 2018

Homo Beerectus #6 Malt Mentor 2018 33cl

Kristonian Pale Ale passie voor puur 33cl

Kristonian Saison the secret batch 33cl

Kamil blond 2018 33cl

Alvinne Land van Mortagne 33cl

Alvinne Cuvee de mortagne 33cl

Alvinne mano Negra cognac edition 33cl

Tall Poppy  Take One for the team 2018 33cl

Tall poppy  Sub Dawg 2018 33cl

To Ol Pineapple express 25cl

Westbrook Brewing 7th anniversary 2017 65cl

Evil twin Imperial Dougnut Brake can 47,3cl

Founders Green Zebra

Founders Sumatra Mountain brown

Wild Beer Wineybeest 75cl

Wild Beer Yadokai 75cl

Malterfakker Spacelord 2018 75cl

Joske 2018 75cl

Hanssens Oude Geuze 2016 37,5cl

Evil twin Even more JCS 47,3cl

Cigar city Jai Alai white oak aged

Oud beersel Oude pijpen 2017 37,5cl

Chimay Grand reserve 2018 75cl

Cuvee van de keizer blauw 2018 75cl

Bozo Beer 47,3cl Can

Orval 2018 33cl 3jaar

Chimay Grand Reserve 2017 Jéroboam 3L

Frater divisum quad 2018 33cl

Frater divisum quad cognac infused 2018 33cl

Frater Divisum quad cognac barrel aged 2018 33cl

Bière de saison Citra 2018 75cl

Smeerolie Mexicake 455cl 2018

Dolle Dries 2

Hop Hanker Marynka Homo Beerectus #7 2018 33cl

Molotov Heavy 2018 can 473ml

Even More Pecan Pie Jezus 2018 can 473ml

Jackie O's Oil of Aphrodite

Rodenbach Caractère Rouge 2018 75cl

Westmalle Tripel Giftset 75cl  

Evil Twin Imp Biscotti Chili hazelnut break 

Tall Poppy Yesterday's Favorite 2018 33cl

Tall Poppy So it Goes 2018 33cl

DVDK Fleur sauvage 50cl

DVDK Noblesse VSOP 66cl

Chimay Grand Reserve oak aged batch 7 2018 75cl 

Oude Quetsche Tilquin 2017 (bj 2016-2017) 37,5cl

Saison dupont cuvee dry hopping 2018 Styrian Wolf 37,5cl


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