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Mano Negra Virgin Oak 2019 75cl

STAL00001 Mano Negra Virgin Oak 2019 75cl

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Barrel AgedYES

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This beer is the result of a project on the effect of wood & barrel aging on beer together with the University Of KU Leuven. Alvinne  filled up 6 barrels with Stout 'Mano Negra'. Two barrels that contained Red Wine before and 4 Virgin Oak Barrels. The beer aged for over a year and the University came by every 6 weeks to take samples and investigate what was happening to it. The Mano Negra Red Wine was kegged, the Mano Negra Virgin Oak was partially kegged but most of it now released in 75cl bottles. Only 700 bottles were filled.

Alcohol: 10%


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