Nieuwe Bieren

We starten met een nieuwe gewoonte: vanaf nu zullen we via deze blog de nieuwe bieren posten die recent zijn toegevoegd in de shop.

Nieuwe bieren 01/2020

Dok Brewing Sticky Wings 2019 50cl De Cam Gooikoorts 2019 75cl 
Ten Fidy B.B.A. Jefes Horchata 56,8cl 
Ten Fidy B.A Hot Buttered Rum 56.8cl Ten Fidy Bourbon B.A. Chocolate Hazelnut Praline 56.8cl Bearded Iris Again and Again airfreight 2019 473ml 
Bearded Iris Homestyle airfreight 2019 473ml Upland / Blackberry Fram FOUND 2019 50cl Alvinne Mano Negra stout 2019 limited edition 75cl Dame Jeanne Oak aged Cognac Dame Jeanne Oak aged Calvados Dame Jeanne O...

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Nieuwe bieren 07/2019

Alvinne Mano Negra Virgin Oak 2019 75cl De Ranke Mirakel 2019 75cl Rochefort 8 2019 75cl Horal megablend 2019 75cl Oud Beersel Vandervelden 137 2019 37.5cl 
Oud Beersel Selection Fouder 21 2019 37,5cl Oud Beersel Rozenlambiek Oud Beersel Lambiek Earl Grey Oud Beersel Lambiek Lapsang Souchong Tall Poppy From Hand to Mouth 2019 33cl Upland Preservado 75clConnecticut Valley Bravo Tango  can 475mlCoconut Cream Pie Blonde Stout Boysenberry Blueberry Fruitsticle Elli...

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Nieuwe bieren 05/2019

Marius Reserva 2019 Sherry B.A. 37.5cl Marius Reserva 2019 Armagnac B.A. 37.5cl Marius Reserva 2019 Red Wine B.A. 37.5cl Buxton brewery Yellow Belly 20018 33cl Evil Twin Even More Jezus Bourbon Maple Syrup BA 2018 650ml Hoppin Frog Maple Whiskey B.A. Boris Geuze Oud Beersel 2018 75cl Cantillon Geuze 100% Lambic Bio 37,5cl 2018 Cantillon Geuze 100% Lambic Bio 75cl 2018 Cantillon Kriek 37.5cl 2018 Oude Geuze Boon 2018 (sz 2016- 2017) 37,5cl Straffe Hendrik 2017 1 box edition <...

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Nieuwe bieren 03/2019

Cuvee clarisse whisky infused 2018 75cl wild weaselFonta- nelle 75clDragons Milk 2018 355ml 
Lewis 2019 33cl Cantillon Kriek 37.5cl winterkoninkske Grand Cru 2018 75cl Westmalle tripel 2018 75cl Evil twin / Westbrook colab OFYMD can 455ml 
De Moersleutel Motorolie 2018 can 440ml Rulquin Stout 2018 75cl Cydrale Mede Tall Poppy Meet me in Montauk 2019 33cl L'Echasse Paint it Black 2018 75cl Tynt Meadow 2018 33cl 
To Ol Jule Maelk Islay edition 2018 37.5cl J...

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Nieuwe bieren 01/2019

De Moersleutel Octane Overlord Chimay Chimay Grand Reserve Batch 7 whisky B.A. 37,5cl Struise Struise Reserva 2 Rum B.A. 75cl Vleesmeester Black Pudding 2018 33cl Achouffe Chateay D'Ychouffe rosé 2018 75cl Rodenbach Rodenbach Vintage 2016 75cl De Klem Ruppeliaan cadeaubox To Ol Jule Maelk Tequilla BA 2018 37,5cl Garage beer Garage beer Virtue Signal 2018 can 445ml Wild Beer Wild Beer Tepache 2018 75cl Duvel Duvel barrel aged 3 Musketeers Troubadour Magma S.E. OAK 2018 75cl V...

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Nieuwe Bieren November 2018

18 th street brewery:  Candi Crushable 2018 Can 473ml Altitude 42:  Beach Cruiser Blaxk Acre: Beard Tax 35,5cl Cranker's brewery :Aphrodisiac chocolate pomegranate stout 2018 65cl Blak Horse : Plead The 5th 2018 35,5cl New Holland: Dragons Milk 2018 65cl Odd Side Ale's: Cherrywood whisky B.A. stout De Meester: Dark Master imperial stout 2018 33cl De Meester: Meester Kriek Brut 2018 37,5cl Vliegende Paard brouwers: Prearis Saison 2018 33cl De Moersleutel: Motorolie suzuzki D...

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Nieuwe Bieren September 2018

Galea Festa 2018 33cl Abrio Blond Abrio Gold Abrio Dark Trip3l inglor DOM collab 2018 33cl 
Westmalle Tripel 2017 75cl gift setFlying Dutchman Mushroom picking Ass kicking Matsutake ale 2018 33cl Founders Dankwood 2018 35cl Kromme Haring kreeftwerk 2018 75cl Kromme Haring Bora 1 2018 75cl Mikkeller green Gold 2018 33cl Boon Oude Geuze Vermouth 75cl Pelican Tsunami Stout 35cl Pils 13 unfiltered blik 2018 33cl Pils 13 unfiltered hergisting op fles 2018 25cl Pils 13 filte...

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Update nieuwe bieren Juli 2018

Homo Beerectus #6 Malt Mentor 2018 33cl  Kristonian Pale Ale passie voor puur 33cl
Kristonian Saison the secret batch 33cl
Kamil blond 2018 33cl
Alvinne Land van Mortagne 33cl

Alvinne Cuvee de mortagne 33cl
Alvinne mano Negra cognac edition 33cl
Tall Poppy  Take One for the team 2018 33cl
Tall poppy  Sub Dawg 2018 33cl
To Ol Pineapple express 25cl
Westbrook Brewing 7th anniversary 2017 65cl
Evil twi...

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Nieuwe Bieren Maart 2018

De Moersleutel :Bounty Hunter 2018 37,5cl
De Moersleutel: Je Moer (op de koffie) 2018 37,5cl

De Moersleutel: Smeerolie Molasses/ Chipotle/ Cocos 2018 37,5cl

Boon:  Mariage Parfait 2017 ( Brouwjaar 2014) 37,5cl

3 Fonteinen:  Oude Geuze 2017 75cl

Tall Poppy:  Crows Eat sorrow 2018 33cl

Tall Poppy:  Shortened by two years 2018 33cl

Chimay: Grand Reserve oak aged batch 6 2017 75cl


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Nieuwe Bieren Februarie 2018

Triporteur Full Moon 2017 33cl

Hob The Brewer 2017 33cl

Straffe Hendrik Heritage only bottle 2016 75cl

The Beast of the East The Bear is There Chocolate Edition 2017 33cl

Founders Breakfast Stout 2017 35,5cl

Mikkeller Beer Geek Flat White 2017 33cl

Mikkeller San Diego Beer Geek Brunch 12x35,5cl can

Oskar Blues Death by Coconut Porter 24x35,5cl can

Mikkeller Spirit: Gin - 70cl - 44%

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Nieuwe Bieren Januari 2018

Liefmans goudenband Barrel aged 2017 75cl

Bible belt (even more ) can version 2017 473ml

Founders C.B.S 2017 35cl

Shock Series: NEIPA 2017 33cl

Numero 1 barrique extra vechio 2017

Tempus project Uptown Monk

Homo Beerectus #5 Sanctified Saint. 2017 33cl

Through Brew 2017 33cl

Dopefish 2017 33cl

Present Inclement Elements 2017 33cl

Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Cocoa Sha...

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Nieuwe Bieren Augustus 2017

Solo Protagonist - Solo brewery
Oude Geuze Boon Black Label 3rd edition 2017 - Boon
Homo Beerectus triple pack 1-2-3   - De oude Maalderij
Smeerolie 2017 - De Moersleutel
Motorolie 10 TURF  - De Moersleutel
Level Up - De Moersleutel
Game On - De Moersleutel
Double Pearl - Weird Beard
Black is Black and I want my baby back , black Rye IPA - Flying Dutchman
Edelsaison - Brochus
Oude Geuze De Cam - De Cam
Oude Lambiek De Cam - De ...

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Nieuwe Bieren Juli 2017

Beer Geek Breakfast Bourbon B.A.  33cl
Beer Geek Breakfast Tequilla B.A. 33cl
Beer Geek Dessert 33cl
Beer Geek Cocoa Shake 33cl
Mikkeller San Diego Hazed en Amused can 475ml
Mikkeller San Diego Two Headed Uklar can 475ml
Eulegoemse Saison du Ciel 75cl
Hof ten Dormaal Wit Goud  33cl
Hof ten Dormaal - Zure van Tildonk Stekelbees 33cl
Evil Twin- Imperial Biscotti Break can 475ml
Den Druppel- Druppel Zwèt 75cl
Saison Dupont Dry Hoppin...

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Nieuwe Bieren Juni 2017

Nonniversaire Calvados B.A. 50 cl
Saxo gold 2017 33cl
Leste Yin Yang  75 en 33cl
Speedway stout  can 475ml
Oud Beersel 135 Vandervelden 37,5cl
Horal Megablend 2017 75cl
Prearis Blond, Quadrupel, Grand Cru 2016, Marius Reserva
De Ranke- Back to Black  75cl
Warpigs - Smoldering Holes 75cl
Mikkeller / Boon Oude Geuze Calvados B.A. 75cl
Homo Beerectus #3 Hop Hanker Sorachi Ace 33cl
Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused 2017  75cl

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Nieuwe Bieren Mei 2017

Juiced Up - De Moersleutel
Ruwe Olie - De Moersleutel
Willy Tonka - De Moersleutel
Hof ten Dormaal blond Armagnac B.A. 2016
Trignac 2013 - Van Honsebrouck / Kasteel
Wild & Funky - De Moersleutel

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Nieuwe Bieren April 2017

Lindemans Oude Geuze special blend 2010 75cl
Leste Doenkere, Zware en Amber Tripel 2016 75cl
Stone Bitter Chocolate Oakmeal bourbon stout 12th anniversary 2016 50cl

Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon 5th edition 2016 50cl
Peculiar Pupil 33cl
Triporteur Belgian Oak Vintage 2016 75cl

Burial Sky 2017 75cl
To Ol Shock Series: Simcoe, Centennial, nelson Sauvin 2017 33cl

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Nieuwe bieren Maart 2017

Triple O7 Bourbon BA, Cherrywood infused 2016 75cl
Hof ten Dormaal Blond, Cider barrel aged 2016  75cl
'T Gaverhopke  Den 12, bourbon barrel aged 2016  33cl
Pannepot Reserva Cask Strenght Makers mark BA 2012  37,5cl

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Nieuwe Bieren Februari 2017

Chimay Grand Reserve Gift set 2014-2015-2016
Tre Fontane  75cl, Italian Trappist beer
La Houppe cadeaubox 75cl + 2 glazen
Pannepot Grand Reserva 2011 Cask Strenght Calvados BA 37,5cl

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